Easy access and strong security are the two things that you have to look for when searching for short term storage space. The storage facility has to be clean and dry and protected from pests so that the goods that you store are do not get damaged.  Easy access would ensure that you can retrieve the stored items whenever you want, if possible any time round the clock. After selecting the proper storage facility you are left with two things that are equally important – determine exactly how much storage space you  need, because you have pay rent for the space that you hire and you have to think about proper packing of the goods that you would be storing. The goods can be kept inside storage units that are securely locked.

Make an inventory

Both for the purpose of packing and also for estimating the amount of storage space that would be necessary, you have to make a list of items that you want to send for storage.  Furniture, household equipments, and appliances, artwork and antique, books and glass items have all to be listed and its respective packing has to be finalised. Most of the items, including the odd shaped ones can be packed in boxes that are to be kept inside the storage units. Calculate the number of boxes and its sizes that would be required for packing as it will help to determine the amount of space that will be required for storage. Mattresses can be left unpacked and placed inside a storage unit of appropriate size.

Size of storage units

The storage units are usually available in standard width of 5 feet and 10 feet and the length for the smaller one can vary between 5, 10 and 15 feet whereas the bigger unit is available in lengths of 10,15,20,25 and 30 feet. Having ascertained the number of boxes and its sizes, you can easily calculate the sizes of storage units that can be optimally used. This will ensure that you do not pay for any unused space.

Prepare for packing

Once you have a clear idea about the size and weight of the items that have to be packed, move on to select the right quality of card board boxes that can withstand the load that you want to put into it. The packing boxes have to be strong and accompanied by bubble wrap, thermocole balls, old newspaper and brown paper tapes. Use marker pens for proper labelling which is essential for identification of the contents that could make its retrieval easy. Considering the frailty of some items, make sure that it is properly wrapped to prevent damage during handling and storage. Be careful in packing books as these are heavy items and trying to fill a box completely can cause breakage due to over loading. Moreover, place the books flat inside the boxes so that its spine is protected.

One thing has to be ensured that the items that you pack are all dry and clean so that there are no chances of moulds growing on it. Know more about storage by clicking here


For many people, moving house may seem to be a lot of trouble but not so for many others who know how to prepare for the big day. Stay calm and apply your mind to identify the activities that are important for the process. It is true that for moving house in Adelaide, you will call for the services of the removalists as they are experts in handling such projects. But this does not mean that you can simply stay away from the activities as a mere onlooker. If you are aware about your role, you will realise that there are many things to be done that can ease the process of moving. Here are some things that you have to do to make sure that the process of moving is completely free from hassles.

Clean up the home

It may sound a bit strange as you might think what is there to be cleaned up when you are leaving the house?  This cleaning is not the kind that is done for housekeeping. This cleaning refers to reducing your inventory so that you can save some cost and space.  Over a period of time, an average household accumulates a lot of things but not all are used. There are many items that are seldom used, yet find a place in the house. Review all such items that had been occupying space and gathering dust unknowingly and make sure that these do not find a place in the inventory that you will be carrying to your new home.

Find a removalist

Having a streamlined list of inventory is the starting point, when you look around for a removalist.  Spend time to research on the internet and make a shortlist of some names. Next, talk to friends, neighbours and other acquaintances to collect a few more names of removalists with whom they might have worked. See, if any of your chosen names match with the referrals, as it would be more reliable to work with them. If not, evaluate afresh each one , get quotes, make a comparison of the overall services and price and then select the one that seems to be best for you.


The activity should start at least a week before the day of the move. You can do it on your own or get it done by the removalist, which could be a better option considering their expertise and experience.  Pack boxes by rooms and label it properly for easy identification. Have a plan for layout of furniture in the new place.


Ask the removalist Adelaide to place the furniture at the locations that you have planned. This has to be well thought out because trying to move heavy furniture at a later stage can be quite painful.  Move out the boxes to the designated rooms and start the unpacking process, beginning with the kitchen followed by the bathroom and then other rooms.

The better you are organised easier will be the move and less time it will take to settle down at the new address.


Moving office is quite different from moving house in that huge volumes of documents are to be handled during office shifting. When an office removalist is called for inspecting the office furniture and equipments, the amount of documents that have to be handled during shifting has to be ascertained properly.  And remember that the documents could form the bulk of packaging that has to be done. Documents that are usually kept in cupboards and not visible might give an impression that the furniture, fixtures and office equipments are the only items to be handled during shifting. Documents are essential for starting up the office at the new location as it is the lifeline of any business. Since minimum time is devoted for shifting and office start up, the way the documents are arranged and handled assumes a lot of importance.

Cost impact

You might not be having too many office furniture which could give you an impression that the cost of moving could be quite nominal. But it is the documents that can form the bulk of packaging that can increase the cost. Since no attention is paid to the volume of documents that are carried in a normal office setting, it could turn out to be a discovery of sorts, when the removalist calculates the actual volume to determine the number of card board boxes that will be required. And this could have a significant impact on the total cost.

Engage professional packers

Packing documents can be expensive and this is the reason why some office owners might think of getting it done by own employees. But this would be a very wrong decision because neither would you save cost nor could you get a good job done. The time that the employees devote is actually a loss of productivity which could be higher than the cost that you would pay to the professional packer. Secondly, the employees are not conversant with the best ways of packing the documents that can actually take more time to be completed and even identification of packages could pose problems during unpacking.

Benefits of using the services of office removalist

  • The removalist that you engage will normally be capable of packing all items including documents. They have trained staff and use minimum manpower to pack the documents efficiently. This takes much less time in packing and allows normal functioning of office almost up to the penultimate day so that there is no hindrance for carrying out business activities till the last moment.
  • Similarly, the unpacking will also be done very fast and in an orderly manner so that active files and current documents are first unpacked and restored in convenient places. This would ensure prompt start up of office at the new location. Boxes of other dated documents are opened subsequently.
  • Unpacking of all office furniture, equipments and documents are completed in the shortest possible time and the office premises are cleaned so that normal activities can be resumed at the earliest.

How efficiently office documents are handled during shifting office determines the worth of an office removalist.


The process of moving house is the same whether you are moving within the state of out of it to some other state. Even the removalist that you engage for the job would use similar resources as long as you do not cross the boundaries of the country. But there is one thing that distinguishes interstate removalists from others – they are fully conversant with the rules and regulations that govern the movement of goods between the states that are involved.  Secondly, they have all licenses to operate in the states concerned.  These are the points that you have to check when you select the removalist. Assuming that interstate movement involves long distances the cost involved would also go up considerably.

The relocation move

The process of relocation begins with the search for a suitable removalist.  Since you will be moving from one state to another you have to go through a more interactive process in selecting the right removalist  by talking to them more closely about your needs and expectations. At the same time you have to undertake a rigorous selection process so that you can find out the most reliable mover who can do complete justice to the job. A lot of importance has to be given to mutual trust and good understanding.

Interim storage

Considering that interstate movement involves transportation through long distances there could be possibilities of some unforeseen circumstances for which you have to depend on the removalist. If it so happens that you encounter some problems in moving to your new home on the desired date, you might need an interim storage facility to hold your goods for some time. The removalist should either have its own storage facility or should be capable of making arrangements for storage of goods so that you o not face any inconvenience.

Start early

To avoid any last minute scrambling that can make your move stressful, it is advisable that you start early in drawing a good plan for removal. Look closely at your needs and make a list of activities that you have to undertake to make the project a success. Taking time to organise things will give you complete peace of mind as you will be completely confident in whatever you will be doing.

Plan the activities

After you have made a list of activities, make a time line for actions that you have to take. This will form the checklist that will guide you throughout the project. Having the checklist will help you to determine the activities or services that have to be hired and also identify the ones that you would like to do on your own.

Make a list of all personal belongings including financial documents that have to be carried by you so that you do not miss out these items at the last moment. Do not forget to make it easy to track these items like chargers for mobile phones and laptops as these are the ones without which you may face a lot of inconvenience.


Proper packing is critical for moving house as the success of the move would depend a lot on how well things have been packed.  You can do your own packing if you have the time and know how to pack different household items so that it can be transported safely. But when you do it on your own you have to be careful in selecting the right kind of packing materials because all items cannot be packed in the same way. Alternatively, you can ask the removalist to do the packing which they will be glad to do for you. They have experienced and trained people who know about the intricacies of packing and can pack your entire household confidently. Even if you want to do it on your own they can supply you the packing materials so that you are sure of using the right ones.

Moving Boxes

Safe and efficient packing

By entrusting the packing task to professional furniture removalists, you can be rest assured that your goods whether household or office furniture will be packed in the best way.  The packers are aware about the worth of your goods and are familiar with the ways to pack it efficiently and safely. They undergo regular training to update their knowledge so that no item remains beyond their scope of understanding. While most of the items can be packed by using standard packing materials, there might be some items like valuable artwork or precious furniture that needs special type of packing that only professional packers can handle.

Proper labeling

If good packing is important to make the move successful, proper labeling is no less important either. After packing, each package has to be labeled properly to declare what it contains and whether it needs special care in handling. For delicate and fragile items like artwork and glass items, the marking assumes more importance as the movers can make out from the label about the way to handle it. This ensures that the goods are completely safe and protected from damage while in transit.

Take their advice

If you think of doing the packing on your own, then also you have to keep the removalist involved in the process. They can guide you in selecting the right kind of packing materials that has to be used. Moreover, if you like, they can also supply these to you including packing boxes, paper tapes, bubble wraps and any other special type of packing material that may be required.

Making it safer

Good packing and safe handling are essential for safe movement of goods that are safely delivered at the destination without any damage. But despite best efforts, things can go wrong for reasons that are beyond anybody’s control.  To cover such unforeseen risks, you can ask the removalist to arrange for transit insurance cover, so that you are financially compensated in the event of any damage to the goods while in transit.

Hiring the services of furniture removalists is the only way to ensure that you experience the most hassle free house moving.